Static awstats and apache log format


i have just signed up an account, and am trying to set up awstats to run statically
i’m just having a few issues

  1. awstats will not create anything in the DirData directory i set (the html files are created fine), the DirData directory i’ve created, i’ve chmodded to 777
    this is my cron job
    /usr/local/bin/perl /path/to/awstats-6.8/tools/ -update -config=configname -configdir=/path/to/conf -dir=/path/to/stats/site -awstatsprog=/path/to/awstats-6.8/wwwroot/cgi-bin/

so when i load up the stats subdomain, everything comes up with 0’s

  1. what is the default apache logging format? if it is not combined, is there a way for me to set it to combined?


i got it working, something on my end obviously

Thanks for the followup - if you figure out the cause, please let the forums know.

The person you help could be yourself!

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