Statement regarding redundancy

I want to make sure I understand that DreamObjects only uses one single datacenter for redundacy?

This is still current and correct?

My concern is that S3 uses multiple facilities for superior redundancy:

I’m interested in this matter as well.

That is correct, DreamObjects is currently in one data center. Data is still replicated three times throughout the cluster and we will not return SUCCESS until all copies are written, er… successfully.

We’ve heard that a singe data center is a concern for some customers and we’re investigating that now. It’s primarily an implementation detail in Ceph that is not fully resolved. For customers that do not view a single data center as an issue for them, we are working to provide the best service and value we can.

I can accept the single datacenter limitation if I perceive it in comparison to not full S3 but rather S3 Reduced Redundancy (RRS)

Which if you are not aware, just dropped it’s price to 0.076 which is probably going to make dreamobjects pricing a little awkward.

I think comparing DreamObjects to RRS is a fair assessment right now.

I’m definitely aware of the pricing announcement today and I think we’re still extremely competitive, especially with our prepaid plans. With a minimal amount of storage usage, you’ll save money on a prepaid plan over the $0.07 Usage-Based Billing Plan.