Stat Page shows nothing but empty directory

everytime i try to access the statistic page… i first log in and then get forwarded to a directory that looks like this

Index of /stats

Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 08-Jan-2005 14:58 -
daily/ 08-Jan-2005 03:48 -
longterm/ 08-Jan-2005 03:48 -
main.html 08-Jan-2005 03:48 1k
monthly/ 08-Jan-2005 03:48 -

aren’t i suppose to see a extensive list of my stats related to my server usage ?

Did you just sign up? Stats are updated every 24-26 hours, they aren’t dynamic. If you just signed up, you won’t see any stats until tomorrow.

it’s been about 30 hours since i first signed up…
nothing shows up when i click on the bandwidth tap …
odd… my friend says i should see a extensive list of information regarding my server status

Yes, you should. Contact DreamHost support. This is more-than-likely due to all the hardware changes they’re making.