Starting space and bandwidth

Why did the starting space and bandwidth drop?

Well, Josh (of Dreamhost) would say - Get it before it goes negative so you don’t have to give them bandwidth!

DH has had some bad press that the limits are so high that they can’t possibly support everyone that signs up. In fact, many people refused to sign up because they thought it had to be a joke or that DH was a fly-by-night organization.

The idea is to gradually reduce the limits until people take them seriously again.

Check this:

It’s insane but people are paying attention. (We’ve heard that if you use a promo code they won’t cut your limits.)

The most important thing to know is that DH bumps your disk and bandwidth limits every week. (How’d you like to get as much as 32G EXTRA bandwidth every week? I thought that that I had to stay within my extra before I was running out for months before I was able to confirm that I could use ALL of my bandwidth (I currently have almost 5000G) every month.)


Read this blog post for more information.

Rest assured, if you use a promo-code (any promo-code) during sign-up you will receive the original plan quotas (eg: 200GB/2TB on the Level 1 plan).


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Maybe because somes people abuse in this system and 99,9% don’t need Terabytes of bandwidth ?

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Some of us don’t have enough friends to use all our bandwidth.


If you read Josh’s blog post, you will see that the changes are more about changing people’s perception of DreamHost, rather than any real problems with providing the quotas on offer.


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Don’t worry about quotas, cuz they grow every week once your a customer. Seriously, I’m uploading data all week long and its hard to surpass the EXTRA free bandwidth/hd space I get every week.
And it wasn’t because dreamhost couldn’t handle the original sizes, but instead because dreamhost is so frickin’ awesome they are apparently having a problem with people believing they’re real(lol, and not just a “dream”).

You have that problem too? I try my hardest, but I just can’t get those little graphs in the panel to show anything other than 0% :slight_smile:

Perhaps DreamHost should suspend the weekly growth, so I have a greater chance of ‘catching up’. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Don’t worry about the starting space and bandwidth. Worry about how to fill the server up after your account is activated. It grows every week.

It is impossible for me to use up the server space

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I don’t know if regular people will have a different opinion about DreamHost because instead of getting 2 Tb you will now get 1.97 Tb :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a clever way of making fun of the overselling concept :slight_smile:

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