Starting over with email


I have a huge backlog of email in my main mail box which I access through Thunderbird. I keep hoping I’ll have a chance to go through, delete the stuff I don’t need and sort the rest into nice neat folders. Unfortunately, I realize that this will most likely never happen. Is there a way for me move all of this email somewhere else so I can still access it in case there is something in it I still need so I can start over with a completely clean mail box. It’s important to me that I keep the same email address. Thanks.


Are you using IMAP or POP3?





Okay, then do you want the “somewhere else”, to where you are talking about moving the mail, to be on DreamHost or on your own computer?



Sorry, I should have been a lot more detailed in my original query.

Basically I just want it to be accessible in case there’s some information (like account sign in details) that I’ll need in the future. It doesn’t matter where it’s stored. But I would like to have it all out of the way so I can start over again and do a better job of sorting and deleting from the beginning. I believe the current term for this process is “declaring email bankruptcy.”


I’m just thinking here - I’ve not really used IMAP too much - but couldn’t the following be done:

I may be wrong but the emails are in the same place whether you use IMAP or POP3 server wise. Therefore, I would have though you could create an account on Thunderbird (say Email Backup), put it as POP3, and put in the same detail for incoming and outgoing. Then make sure it removes the email off the server.

Then once all the emails are in, you just disable that account from receiving (and sending) emails. You would then have all the emails on your thunderbird under a different account and your mail server would be back to empty.

I’d recommend the OP to wait for one of the more tech savvy guys to confirm whether that would work, or whether there is an easier way before doing this though…

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Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like that would most likely be work and be what I’m looking for. Can anyone let me know if there would be a problem with implementing this plan?


If you use imap, why don’t you simply create a new folder and move all your current inbox emails into it?

Your inbox is clear and your old emails are still stored and accessible.