Starting out

This is going to sound ridiculous but…i have had a friend doing everything for me and he is unable to do it now. I don’t even know how to send a file, much less tons of information. Here is what I’d like to know:

  1. Can I design the entire page in publisher?
  2. How do i send that page to dreamhost (i.e. what is FTP?)

You will definitely need some reading

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I am not familiar with publisher, I don’t think you can use it, if you can edit and save files as .html .php .js .xml etc. and upload to your sites root folder, than yes, if you can’t then no.

You can even use notepad to hand code if you had to, but notepadd++ would be better for that.

You can do a search for a wysiwyg editor (what you see is what you get). Check out, look for open source editors, you can find them at no cost there. I personally use Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS3, it isn’t free, with it I can save my files locally (on my hard drive), and “put” online. It makes it’s connection through ftp or sftp.

FTP= File Transfer Protocol
SFTP= Secure File Transfer Protocol

I tried filezilla and the firefox addon firetp. I like firetp better. Dreamhost provides webftp for you but that has a 2mb per file limit and will stop after 30 seconds. To use that one log into your panel, go to manage domains and underneath the domain name you will see a ftp link (you don’t have to go into panel everytime once you know the url). After clicking that, login with one of your user names that you have in your manage users area that has ftp access.

There are cms’s (content management systems) that you can install that you can edit without using an editor because they have their own admin section or editor. You can find one-click installs in your panel or you can even downloaad some open source cms’s (some are not true cms’s but can help to manage the site) and upload them into your root folder or a subdirectory (a folder in your root) and in your browser go to the install url (example= or .html or whatever is in the documentation for that system), sometimes you will need to setup a mysql database and put that info into the install so it can populate the database with tables and info in those tables.

There is a lot more to learn and do, even in some cms’s, you will find that it doesn’t do what you want it to do, so you may find modules, blocks, plugins, etc. to install, and sometimes have to adjust them to your needs. So find one that has at least a support forum that others use that may have had similar adjusting problems.