Starting Out Question

I just signed up with Dreamhosts today and have a question.

I understand that new systems need to propagate, and that newly registered sites can take up to days.

Does that also apply to subdomains here? Though I will be registering domains and transfering one over, I started out with just a vanilla [hostname] I can’t access webmail for it (http://webmail.[hostname] – it returns a server not found error, even though Dreamhost sent an automatic email saying the email account was activated. I had the same problem when I one-click-installed WordPost – I got the confirming email but got a server not found error.

Do new sites using dreamhosters subdomains take time to propagate as well? Does email take time as well?

All domains have to propagate, though subdomains of a already listed domain are much quicker, as they only need a “local” DNS update.

There is usually a time lag between when Dreamhost tells you the email account is “activated” and when it is actually reachable, especially in the case of webmail, because of the sub-domain propagation previously mentioned.

Email boxes have, for me, taken much longer to go “live” than does domain propagation - I do not know why it is, but while YMMV, searching these forums will reveal others have the same experience.

My advice - Be Patient - give it a day, and likely all will be well for the subdomain (including the one for “WordPost”/WordPress), probably including mail - though that could take an additional day.