Starting again - clean slate with no downtime


I’ve been with Dreamhost for 6 years now and web sites have come and gone, stray cron tasks are firing off from sites I don’t even remember having, stuff has been updated, lost, and swept under the carpet, and generally I feel it’s time to get back to an empty account and start again.

What’s the best option for me to achieve this? There are a few websites that can’t have any significant down-time but I really want to make a clean sweep.

My thought is to open a second account, gradually transfer just the stuff I want to the new one, then shut down the old account. Is there a better way?

~Jeff K


Hey Jeff!

Taking a look at your account right now; I’ll be emailing you shortly about this! Thanks! :slight_smile:


If you open a second account there’ll be hassles with usernames and domains already being “in the system” that will require manual intervention from Support. It’d probably be quicker to go through it by hand and just remove the bits you no longer need.