Starting a Video Website

Hi all

I love the sound of the HUGE bandwidth Dreamhost has to offer.

Im planning on starting a video site (a bit like youtube yes) but not just to copy youtube, as this one has a twist.

Costs SHOULD be covered by google adwords (if approved) If not I have a lower paying CCP (cost-per-click) affiliate on standby

My question is am i simply allowed to host a site like online videos with DH as I know it can create demand on resources.

I also see alto of “promo” codes in people siggys. Do tell me more :slight_smile: $384 ($16 for 24 months) is simply amazing, but still about £200 for me. What are all these offers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Luke, UK

Firstly, In my opinion, even a moderatley popular site such as this would be far better located on a dedicated server, shared hosting will just cause you (and the others on your shared server) too many problems.

Secondly, have you considered the copyright implications? Most hosting companies have very strict restrictions in their TOS regarding the hosting of copyrighted material and DreamHost is no different in this respect.

DreamHost offers a $97 ‘rewards’ payment to existing customers who refer others to DreamHost. They also allow these existing customers to share this rewards payment with the people they refer. This is done using promo-codes, which existing customers can create to offer various discounts. How much of the $97 rewards payment is offered as a discount is entirely up to the particular customer who creates the promo-code, but there are limits on the discount that can be offered for monthly plans.


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The bulk of the potential server load would be from converting the video files, if you chose to do that. Typically that would need to be done to ensure consistent dimensions and proper encoding. If that task were done offline and the videos were then reuploaded, you’re basically just streaming data to be rendered on the client’s machine.

Here’s an example of the resources used where I host original material for the artists. More than a gig of bandwidth was used this day with virtually no server load.

[code]Process CPU seconds user machine count average
php.cgi 1.0300 100.000% 0.004% 24 0.043

Total: 1.0300 100.000% 0.004% 24
Average per day: 1.0300 1 days
CPU percentage assumes 24000 cpu seconds per day total.
[/code]Sounds like you’re new to the whole Google ad thing too. AdWords are the pay service that advertisers use. AdSense is what publishers use to show ads on their sites. Don’t count on paying for your hosting with AdSense either. This is from their TOS:

I am just the messenger here, and there is a lot of complaining about it in the AdSense community. All the stuff I host is original material with explicit permission from the artist. That doesn’t mean anything to Google though.

“Other sites offering video are allowed to display ads though.”
–Yeah I know. The double standard is pretty significant when you’ve got enough traffic to generate a lot of revenue for Google. How big do you have to be to warrant this special treatment?

If you want something on your site to pay for the hosting, you could use the Dreamhost promo codes (or referral links) you asked about, rather than chance getting on Google’s bad side.

Since the hosting is cheap, it doesn’t take a lot of referrals to pay for the hosting. Even though there are $97 codes all over this forum, it is still possible to get referrals with much smaller ones. Plus, if someone uses the $97 code on a monthly plan, you still get a big percentage of it.

You could also look into some CPA programs like CJ, where you can browse through advertisers that would be of interest to your target audience. You might even do okay with something generic like ringtones, Columbia House (DVD or Music), etc…

If you get really popular and start getting a lot of traffic, you might even be able to sell links to relevant sites. Google doesn’t really like the idea of paid links (unless they’re the ones getting paid), but you shouldn’t have problems if the links are relevant. Example: A video site with a front page link to a mortgage or Viagra site will look like a paid link. :wink:

Regardless of how you choose with ads/affiliates, just be sure to read their TOS. Besides site content, many have catches like where you put ads, use of pop-ups/pop-unders, images near ads, or encouraging clicks.

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Concerning the video website, I would be more concerned with the script cpu and memory usage, than bandwith… if you get multiple concurrent sql connections and such (and you’ll get if your site gets popular) your site will be in trouble.

This is why I don’t start some of my ideas… I have to know first that they will survive being popular. And not all script or platform handles it.

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Google indexes more than an estimated 10 billion pages, and allows anyone in the world to search them for free. They give anyone a free email account, and allow those users to store 2GB each. Google Video hosts an estimated 1.5 million videos for free.

Do you think that was technologically feasible when Google was conceptualized?

I think that is probably the most self-defeating stance anyone could ever take. It’s a little arrogant to presume your implementation would be so popular, but that’s also the right attitude for an entrepreneur. Google started as a proof-of-concept research project, a mere 10 years ago!!

If you’re so fantastic, get over yourself and do something! No offense intended, I am yelling the same thing at myself nowadays. No one is going to give us credit when they bring an idea we rejected to fruition.