Starting a new Wordpress blog on DH & Importing a Blogger blog to DH

hi! members, i have a blog hoisted by DH-
Now, i want to bring my another existing blogger blog to DH and another blog i want to start at Wordpress (hoisted at DH only).
i have tried to do all this a number of times.
Could you please tell me step-by-step method how i can do that.
I have another question – should i start a wordpress blog before i shift (export) it to DH or i can start from a scratch ie start another wordpress blog on the DH itself.
I am eagerly waiting for your valuable replies.

Do you have a full paid hosting account, or are you using a free dreamhostapps account?

Also start the new wordpress blog directly here… starting it elsewhere then trying to transfer it adds about 10 complications that you just don’t need.

I have a full paid hosting account. And could you please tell me about the various steps for starting a new wordpress here on DH. Actually, when i started the first blog (, my son used to take care of that …but now he stays away in another city. That’s why i seek help.
Tons of thanks!

It’s kind of hard to list exact steps because there are many choices along the way.

the basic steps to set up a new installation of wordpress are to:
1 - use ‘manage domains’ in the panel to configure the domain or sub-domain as fully hosted.
2 - use one click installer in the panel to install wordpress to that domain or sub-domain. Pick Custom (and not Simple) for the one-click install. The difference is simple uses files stored in a central repository, where as custom stores the files in your directory. This is important if you ever want to use (now or in the future) a theme or other plugin not included dreamhost ‘simple’ configuration.
3 - the installer robot will email you some information, use it to complete the next part of the wordpress install in your browser.

As far as the transfer of your blogger blog, i’ll let someone else comment… I don’t know if there is a way to export and import into wordpress or something similar.