Start-up questions

If I choose a hosting plan can I upgrade to another plan at any time? Also, is FTP available in the control panel or should I use another FTP client like WSFTP?

Yes you can upgrade at anytime. The panel or WebFTP function is from the panel is not available at this time, so you must use an ftp client.

Thank you so much for the rapid reply.

If I select the shared hosting do others have access to our website source files or are all the sites partitioned separately for security? Where our site is currently hosted I have access to other sites’ source… not good…

No. each website that is fully hosted can only be accessed by the user you specify for it (or group if you make unix groups…)

Can the domain name be registered by another company and have dreamhost host the website?

yes, the simplest method to to do what your asking is to log into the domain registrar and change the nameservers for the domain to,,

There are other ways, but above basically sets dreamhost as the DNS authority for the domain.

You can then add the domain as ‘fully hosted’ at dreamhost. remember this moves mail functions for the domain as well, so set up any mailboxes needed. It’s possible to set mx records as well, so if you need to point mail back to the existing mail server you can do that as well.

Also remember that when you change your name servers there will be a propagation delay before the changes take place across the internet. this usually take 12-24 hours but could take 3 days to be seen worldwide.

How long has Dreamhost been a web hosting company?

long time, first newsletter was published in Nov 1998.

You should browse the wiki from the top page as well:

The company was formed in 1996 (as New Dream Network), and started hosting its first web sites in 1997.

There’s some more history on our web site at: