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Help Please - I’m looking for some guidance to get a website up and running. I think I have all the pieces I need lined up but I’m unsure how everything works together.

I’m trying to set up a new site for our local museum (on a volunteer basis). I have the Domain, Free hosting on DreamHost, and I just purchased a Vestige Museum - Responsive WordPress Theme from ThemeForest on Envato. But I couldn’t find much for instructions on what to do next.

I work on content on a couple of sites so I have a basic understanding and I have created a couple of simple websites in DeramWeaver. I have a fairly good understanding of web design, but starting a new site has always been a struggle for me.

I’ve downloaded the Theme, but what next? Do I start a new site on

I work on a couple of sites, but didn’t set them up - and I don’t want to mess up the existing sites that I work on. When I log in to work on those websites I can only see the site I’m working on. So I think I am only logging in to the specific websites not WordPress?

I have a account but I am confused as to how and differ. I think I want to create a new site?

Who do I go to for guidance DreamHost, WordPress or Envato/ThemeForest (I did purchase support there)? They offer install & setup with Envato Studio for $50 - but I’m not sure if that is what I need.

I’m not a complete newbie and I know I’m not a complete doorknob either, but apparently I missed something pretty important here.

I would greatly appreciate instructions, recommendations on “how to” tutorials and some hand holding…

Try this:

Nice tutorial. It helps a lot.