Standardising IPs

Hi All

Is there are way to standardise the IPs that new domains & webhosting use. I do not want a unique IP per domain name, I want the reverse where all my domains are hosted on the same IP/Server. On a recent hardware upgrade DH consolidated dozens of domains with different IPs into one new server all with the same IP, and it is a real blessing - just one DNS Template on a third party DNS service instead of needing to create and manage dozens.

I would imagine that being able to select the Server ( at the time of adding a hosting service to a domain would do the trick but I see no option for this.

Any clues?

Shared servers have many IP’s and your sites are randomly assigned to one of them. You can’t control this in anyway, if you have a really bad neighbor on the same IP tho you can usually ask support to move it.

On a VPS I don’t think this works the same way, perhaps upgrading to VPS would get you waht you want… Ask support first tho, because I’m not 100% sure how this works on a VPS.

[quote=“LakeRat, post:2, topic:61507”]
Shared servers have many IP’s and your sites are randomly assigned to one of them. [/quote]
I guessed as much. Support should look at making this an option perhaps?

Love your helpful timely answer Thanks LakeRat. Not in keeping though with that [to me] horrible-sounding alias “RAT”?

FYI, since you mention not wanting a dedicated IP I should have also mentioned that a dedicated IP wouldn’t solve your problem anyway. A dedicated IP only works on ONE domain or sub-domain, there is no way to add additional domains or sub-domains to it.

I don’t have a VPS myself but my understanding is all your sites on a VPS share an IP.

This is also my understanding. Your VPS is a virtual computer…so all websites on that virtual computer have one IP, as if it was a real computer with a single ethernet cable attached to it.

Of course, you can then have dedicated IPs attached to each domain, but if you do not, then all sites on your VPS will share an IP address.
I just pinged the different sites on my VPS and confirmed they all have the same IP…