Standard Theme Installation


Ok - so I know I am a newbie
I have registered a domain name with DreamHost. Initially was thinking about Wordpress and had it installed with one click.

Now I am thinking of using Standard Theme which can be purchased for $99 for self hosting. I think I can use this on DreamHost. Do I just download the the files and then upload them here to DreamHost? Do I have to uninstall the Wordpress files first?

Looking for some advice!!



Judging from what I see online, Standard Theme is a WordPress theme. You’d install it into an existing WordPress installation — it wouldn’t be usable on its own.

If you’re new with WordPress, I’d strongly urge you to check out other available WordPress themes before going with this one. $100 is a lot to drop on a theme, especially when there are literally thousands of excellent free themes available on WordPress’s site:

If you’re sure it’s what you need, though, then go for it, I guess!