Staging site to "live"


I’m an absolute newbie. This is how far i’ve gotten.

own 3 domains.

all were registered on godaddy. all will be hosted on dreamhost. all will be wordpress real estate sites using a custom theme i bought from studiopress. since they will all be very similar in layout i want to build them all at the same time.

2 are brand new, so i’ll build and then start publishing the address for visitors.

the third one, is currently active - and so i need to do a staging site until i’m ready to switch over.

Thats as far as i’ve gotten. I’ve created the and have uploaded my theme.

my FEAR is i have no UNDERSTANDING of how i will move the over to start pointing to the new wordpress site once i’m ready. its currently being used on a $100/month rip-off real estate agent site.

i read this and it made no sense to me: “Copy Files over via shell acess”

also read:"rename dev subdomain directory to the name of the “live” site’s web directory, edit a couple of variables, in the config file, and “GO LIVE”

if this is correct can someone just TRANSLATE even further down to a real estate agent’s level.


This has been asked so many times here daily, weekly, please just do a search


it also depends on what app you are using… it might be easier to get someone who knows what they’re doing to help.


I emailed support with similar question and this may actually help:

(havent tested yet)