Staff taking more than one day

When trying to address my questions or concerns, I find DreamHost take more than their guranteed 24 hour mark to get my questions answered.

Is anyone else besides me noticing this?
One of my tickets went unanswered for nearly two days.
Now my next one is up to one day and eighteen hours.

Several people have posted similar comments. I think dallas, one of the founders of the company, has said on this forum that they are working on getting the response time down. They’ve had to tripple their staff or something like that.

I’m not apologizing for them in the least; I’m just letting you know what has been said before.

Alright, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

they strive to answer with in 24… the gurantee went away a while ago.


it depends on the priority and I suspect how helpful you are in giving them as much information as possible re versions, what’s changed since you last had it working, what you have already tried, your experience level, …

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I have sent in a couple of messages to Dreamhost the last couple of days… all different proirity and not a one of them has been answered. One is over 2 days old.

Sure hope they figure out how to respond as the problem I am having is stopping me from being able to work on something I was suposed to have finished Monday.

Might be because it was the long weekend. Post the problem here and maybe some other customer can help you.

What plan is best for you?Compare from this list and select the best plan