Can I install 3rd party SSL from GoDaddy on the CodeMoster Plan??


You would need to add a unique IP to your account before using any SSL, which is $3.95/month.

I’ve added an IP and used a Comodo cert from before, without any problems.

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I was also wondering if I could use a Godaddy cert. Its really cheap the lower one.

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Ask Godaddy what the technical requirements are and then check if those are met with your DH account.

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You can use an SSL certificate from anywhere but as seiler mentions you need a unique IP address for the domain you wish to wrap the SSL around. That’s the vital component…the IP address.



It is worth noting that DreamHost recently reduced the cost of a unique IP address to $3.95/month with no setup fee (down from $4.95/month with $15 setup fee).


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