SSL secure certificates https, Turbo SSL or cheap!

I’ve never bought an SSL cert before, but I would like to know if anyone else has one.

I am looking around and seeing a range of prices from $18US/year to $1500US/year for getting https and a customer-pleasing lock icon on your status bar.

TurboSSL from Godaddy is one of the cheapest, but I am very suspicious of them - they always omit information. Does anyone know if it would work with Dreamhost?

All I want is my URL to be able to do https and give me the ‘lock’ icon - without any popup warnings like “You must accept this untrusted certificate”.

Also looked at Registerfly which is the other cheapest SSL I could find (which specifies Single Root certificate, that is good). But I don’t know if I can do the phone-back verification thing and I don’t know if they really are trusted.

Go to - they’re a domain registrar that isn’t shady like GoDaddy. They’re reselling GeoTrust certs. $30 for RapidSSL.

It shouldn’t matter where you get your cert, they should all work with Dreamhost. I know for a fact that Comodo certs will work with DH.

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Do not forget that to use your Certificate with your DreamHost account you will need a unique IP which can be purchased for a monthly fee from DreamHost.


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