Ssl question


When you activate the ssl security on your site… should it go down?

I set up the ssl security last night and today my normal site is down. It is as if the whole site got moved to https://

The https:// was meant for my “checkout” of my store. Not the whole site which has google ads (among other things) directing customers to my standard site which has disappeared.


No, it shouldn’t. A search on the forums indicates that it should work on both, but the search didn’t bring up any messages explaining how to get it working again. But it did show that others have had this problem before.

Contact support and ask. It may either take a little while for everything to start working, or they may have to fix something. My bet is on it taking a while for the update to propagate.



All fixed!

Ryan (Dreamhost Support) is now going to finish the installation of the certificate.

These guys rock!