SSL not configured for "www."

I ordered (and installed) an SSL cert through the control panel. The whole process was a piece of cake, thanks DH!

When I go to all it well. The problem I am having is that when I go to, I get an alert.

Is there something I didn’t do right during the setup process? It didn’t give me the option to purchase a cert for, only

I don’t know if I am just missing a configuration setting someplace or if I need to get another certificate. Comments & suggestions welcome!

SSL certificates must be generated for a single, specific hostname. Using this cert with any other hostname will result in that “domain name mismatch” error you’re receiving.

Each cert can only be for one hostname. If you want SSL to work with either or you’ll need two certs. If you meant for the cert to be created for and got just, contact support, they’ll probably generate a new one for you.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Okay, that is what I thought. Appreciate your confirmation and explation!

Can I ask why the automatic generation creates the csr for rather than