SSL issues with email

I am using Eudora 5.1. Last night, after things had been fine all night, I was no longer able to send email using my dreamhost-hosted email account. The error I keep getting is:

SSL Negotation Failed: Certificate Error: Cert Chain not trusted. Try adding this certificate to your certificate database for SSL to succeed Certificate bad: Destination Host name does not match host name in certificate Cause: (-6995)

I’ve tried every iteration of turning SSL on and off for both incoming and outgoing messages. Nothing works.

This error is apparently common in Eudora 5.1 when dealing with SSL and there are numerous sites that address it, but in each case, the instructions provided are not suitable for what I’m experiencing. When I click on “Last SSL Info” in the Generic Properties tab for the relevant Eudora personality, the message I get reads:

You have never sent mail using an SSL connection with this personality since the last time you started Eudora (or a negotiation is in progress with this personality)

When I click on “Last SSL Info” under the Incoming Mail tab, I get the same message, except it says “checked” instead of “sent”, when I have SSL turned off. If I change the incoming mail setting to “Required, STARTTLS”, close and reopen Eudora, I then get this message when I click on “Last SSL Info”:

You have never done any SSL negotiation with any personality since the last time you started Eudora.

I have installed Thunderbird and have successfully been able to send email with it, but I really dislike the interface compared to the Eudora interface. Thunderbird is too much like Outlook and I find Eudora a lot easier to use at this point.

Based on other posts I’ve seen here it seems that Dreamhost is having some serious SSL certificate issues and this is probably what is responsible for the problem I’m encountering, but Eudora is not helping me figure out a way to address these problems.