Ssl is not working properly

ssl is not working properly. I bought a comodo ssl a few days ago. There was a problem in my panel. An operator told me he upgraded the system etc.
I wait for DH help.
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[08:07:28] özgür genç: When I try to activate ssl certificate for . the panel says “Uh oh! Please fix the errors below. Invalid domain!” I bought it a few days ago from dreamhost . how can I activate it?
[08:13:32] info: Young has joined the chat
[08:13:42] Young: Hello , let me take a look,
[08:14:57] Young:
[08:14:59] Young: all set,
[08:15:04] Young: just need to run a few updates, it should be up
[08:16:23] özgür genç: will you do that? or me?
[08:17:17] Young: I’m already running the updates
[08:17:20] Young: the https was inactive
[08:17:25] Young: and set it back to active
[08:25:29] Young: https should work now
[08:26:29] özgür genç: ok. thank you. I will check it out
[08:26:34] özgür genç: bye
[08:26:40] Young: you have a great day!
[08:27:05] info: özgür genç has left the chat

I’ve got the same problem

I looked in SECURE HOSTING, I see there “Inactive SSL Certificates (Show)” I click on that

I then see my two web sites listed and next to each website name " Comodo Verified SSL" and then “SETTINGS”

I click on SETTINGS for one of the websites, I then see that the ONLY setting you can change or interact with is “Renewal notice:” there are 2 choices “Email me” or “Let expire”

Tht’s you total of SETTINGS meanwhile my 2 sites continue to have Inactive SSL Certificates


John: please open a ticket, like the previous user did. It looks like his error has been fixed by a DreamHost Support agent (his site seems to work on https now). We on the forums can’t fix things at that level, we can only give instructions or suggestions based on our knowledge.

/me closing this thread to avoid people piling up with ‘me too’ questions that cannot be solved here. Please open a Support ticket.