SSL in PHP socket connection

I am trying to get the PayPal PHP toolkit working on my account. I am working on the IPN script, which needs to open an SSL connection to PayPal to verify purchases. I haven’t been able to connect to PayPal over SSL using fsockopen, I am getting this message

Warning: fsockopen(): no SSL support in this build in [script - line number]

I can’t get the CURL method to work over SSL either.

I see this in my server_environment variable using phpinfo()

Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) DAV/1.0.3 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 mod_gzip/ PHP/4.3.10 mod_ssl/2.8.19 OpenSSL/0.9.6c

It looks like there is an SSL extension, but the configure command for PHP does not have --with-openssl

Are the PHP builds on the servers here properly configured to support SSL? - Software development in PHP/C++ - Blog search engine

I was hoping someone had a solution to this, as I’m suffering with the same issue.

Any ideas as to why cURL and ssl aren’t working?