SSL for DreamSpeed CDN?

Is there a way to turn on https for DreamSpeed CDN?

What I’d really love would be a Let’s Encrypt certificate for my CNAME. But I could settle for https to the original URL if necessary.

Why? Because if I’m loading assets for my https site, it won’t break security. And if I’m using a CNAME, I’ve already set HSTS to apply to all my subdomains as well.

DreamSpeed CDN currently only supports HTTPS when using the URL, in the format:

We do understand the desire to have CNAME HTTPS and even to utilize Let’s Encrypt, and we are keeping them in mind as we plan to improve and grow DreamObjects and DreamSpeed CDN in the future.

Thanks for the quick response!

It would appear that it’s using SHA-1, which gave me the warning in Chrome. When will you upgrade to SHA-2?

It does indeed warn about it in Chrome, while other browsers don’t seem to mind.

We do have a ticket open with the devs to work on that, but I don’t yet have an ETA. I’ll check up on that and see what I can find for you.

It appears this has been fixed (cert warning in Chrome). Correct?