SSL Client Authentication

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I’m sorry if this question was already answered elsewhere on this forum (or the wiki), in which case I just couldn’t find it.

Does DreamHost provide support for client authentication with mod_ssl? For a typical Apache installation, this would require specifying “SSLVerifyClient require” for a (among other directives like a path to the local CA’s certificate, etc.). Unfortunately, this is a kind of thing that cannot be specified in .htaccess.


Yes they do but you would need to purchase a static IP address via the web panel.

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Yes, I know that I will need a static IP for just HTTPS, but I also want client authentication on top of that. It means that the server will require the client to provide a trusted SSL certificate to access certain parts of the site. Are you 100% sure they support this?

P.S. Sorry, I’m already a DH customer.

If you are talking about mod_ssl, I think DH supports it. You can take a look at this article.

However, this is a customer-to-customer forum. We comment based on our experiences. If you want a correct answer, I’ll suggest you to check with DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

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I will contact DH support. Thank you for your answers!