Ssl certificate on private server via ADSL?

Hi, i have pointed a subdomain name to my home ip address, with some services i get prompted because the certificate is self signed. if i buy a certificate from DH can i add my own ip and subdomain name to it?

First, let me make something clear: SSL certificates are attached exclusively to domain names, no more and no less. They aren’t associated with specific IP addresses.

That’s good news for you, though. If you want, you can absolutely purchase an SSL certificate for your personal subdomain, and it’ll work for any site hosted on that subdomain, no matter where that site is hosted.

Great! Thank you!

If you need a class 1 certificate you should check out this free option from StartSSL:

When i request the certificate it asks me for phone number and street address (on DH), will it be visible in the certificate if the user visualizes the certificate info? i really don’t want to publicly publish my phone and address.

No. This information is not included in the certificate; it’s only used by Comodo (our SSL provider) for verification purposes.

I uploaded my certificate on the local (at home) site, but the browser says that (certificate) does not match the site
Searching online i found that maybe i had to take a * certificate, is it right?
have i wasted a certificate?

If you want to protect “” with SSL, you need to purchase a certificate for “”. The error message you included indicates that you purchased a certificate for “”, which does not apply to the subdomain.

If you purchased this certificate in the last 24 to 48 hours, we may be able to revoke it and provide you with a refund. Please contact DreamHost Support immediately.

Ok i contacted them, thank you.

So is not possible to have a single certificate for main domain and sub domains?
Really need the one for the sub domain, but having both for one price would be nice.