SSL Certificate - no answer from support for 3 DAYS

I have had a Dreamhost account for just over a year, hosted with my web developer. Everything was working fine.

We’ve just transferred the website to my own account last week.

Everything went fine except that the security certificate has not propagated yet.

We put in a support ticket 3 days ago, and each day thereafter, and no answer from Dreamhost.

I’ve been on live chat for for a full half hour and no response.

I have an urgent need for my website to work with a functional SSL certificate.

If I don’t hear back today, I may have to transfer to another host given the urgency of this issue for us.

PLEASE respond, Dreamhost!

Hello plan-nine,

I apologize for the delay and the inconvenience. Can I have a ticket#? I will have an admin look into the ticket now and we will update you via support ticket.

Thank you,
Brandon S.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for posting here.

I did manage to connect with a person on Chat last night after 45 minutes of waiting and he did help me understand what was going on.

However, the interaction through our support ticket hasn’t been very helpful in that the support staff do not address the issues we raise directly.

Also, after helping me last night, the person I spoke with via chat suggested that chat was faster than posting a support ticket.

So my question is why did we bother to create a support ticket and wait 3 days for no reason?

I would recommend that you make it clear to us customers what is the preferred way to get help with urgent website issues. Which is it? Support ticket system or chat?

You’ll reduce our frustration trememdously by sticking to one method. Even if you tell us Step 1: create a ticket with the details and Step 2: then contact chat, then we know how it works.

Thanks for listening.