SSL Certificate buying help

I’m looking for a SSL Certificate for my WordPress ecommerce site I am developing. I plan on using Braintree or Stripe for credit card processing, but I believe I still need my own SSL certificate for my checkout page. It appears that Dreamhost allows me to purchase any third party certificate. This is my first time doing this, so appreciate any advice.

Couple of specific questions:

  1. The cheapest options secure only single domains, as opposed to also subdomains. I think my site will just have one checkout page that needs SSL (i.e. Can I go with the cheaper option then?

  2. Most options claim to be 99%+ compatible with browsers, although some of the more expensive options also mention mobile browsers. Obviously, I would want customers who are using their phones to be able to purchase securely from my website (although I do not have mobile app, just responsive theme design). Do I need to pay extra for this, or would the cheapest options still support mobile customers?


While you’re perfectly free to purchase a certificate elsewhere, remember that DreamHost offers SSL certificates as well, for $15/year.

Certainly. Certificates that secure subdomains as well are known as “wildcard certificates”. They are significantly more expensive than normal SSL certificates, and are not necessary for the vast majority of sites, yours included. (Even if you have multiple subdomains that require secure hosting, it’s often still less expensive to purchase multiple normal certificates to cover each of them — the added cost for a wildcard certificate is ridiculously large.)

Outside of some older devices, almost any professionally signed SSL certificate (DreamHost’s included) should work just fine with the vast majority of mobile browsers. To the best of my knowledge, all of the current major devices (Android, iOS, current versions of Blackberry and Windows Phone) accept basically the exact same set of certificates as desktop browsers.