Ssl certificate and this site is not


I added the free SSL cert a few weeks ago. Seemed to work fine, but then I spotted that if I click on the website link from email, it starts to open the page and then gives a “certificate error https://mywebsite…” and 'This Site is Not Secure."

If I just load the site in the (same) browser the certificate is valid,

The “invalid” certificate has a different issuer and valid dates -, valid until 2025 as opposed to the “valid” certificate issuer is Lets Encrypt Authority and only valid until October this year.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards


My error. The email link had a full-stop at the end (which was grammatically correct) but led to the result above when clicked.


You should NOT prefer wildcards over obtaining certificates that exactly match the names you want. For roughly the same reason you don’t give the babysitter the ring of keys that also unlock your gun cabinet, your 1962 Ferrari GTO and your cabin out in the forest. Sure, probably they are trustworthy and nothing will go wrong, but why take an unnecessary chance?

Wildcards are great when the set of names is unpredictable or vast, but really don’t make life much simpler and do make things riskier as an alternative to just writing a short list like www.m, images.js.

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