SSL and Mirrored Domains

I have my website at and 2 domains are mirrored to that locations (i.e. and both go to

I need my shopping cart at (again, it is a mirror of to use ssl.

What name do I need to have on the certificate so it doesn’t give a name mismatch warning?

People go to and not

Should I make fully hosted and then copy the directory from into


The site that gets the SSL must be the one you assign a unique IP to, which is required for SSL. So, you just need to pick which domain you want that to be, then proceed from there.

If you have any worries about duplicate content penalties with the search engines, you could change the mirrored domains to redirects.

Also, note that www or non-www matters as well, so be sure to pick the ones you want to stick with ( or – or any other subdomain, like

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So if you want to have a secure certificate for a subdomain of a site you have already set up a certificate on, you must get a separate IP and an additional certificate for each of the subdomains?

ie. already has an ssl cert. and dedicated IP needs its own IP and cert needs its own IP and cert

at ~$50/year per ssl certificate, this could add up quickly.

I guess I could have all my subdomains redirect to a directory within the secure site like this:

not sure that’s what I’m looking for though…

If you want it to cover all subdomains, you just need the main domain on a dedicated IP, then purchase a wildcard cert, which covers * They’re generally much more expensive than a regular cert, though.

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You’d also have the problem of your subdomains potentially having different IP addresses. I guess you could solve this by getting support to add a wildcard subdomain entry for your domain.

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Do you know if it is a requirement to have a fully host website on dreamhost to use SSL ?

Or is it possible to buy SSL certificates for shops domains that are mirrors of the main domain ?

Thank you.

While it is possible to use secure hosting on a mirrored domain, the results are odd — mirrors will use the same certificate as the same domain, which is almost certainly not what you want. You will need to have each site fully hosted to have a separate certificate for it.