SSL and domain setup

From the Wiki I think I understand how to get SSL running. The questions I have are more about the file-level settings that may be required.

I currently have 2 domains that are related:, and If I also created as a domain for use with SSL - can it be setup under the same SSH/(s)FTP user as the other two domains? (Realistically, I’d like to be able to share files beneath the webroot between the domains.)


So, I’d like to be able to allow all 3 domains access to the shared_libs folder without any penalties.

Also, I didn’t see this anywhere, but accessing the domain that is setup with SSL… Do I NEED to connect to it using SFTP, or can I connect via standard FTP (most likely I’d use SFTP, but I am just curious).

They say, “Practice makes perfect,” yet they also say, “Nobody’s perfect”. I don’t get it.

Since this topic has been visited nearly 1500 times and there’s no response…

Setting it up in this manner is in fact possible.
One may connect via FTP (and not SFTP), though it would be fool-hardy to do so.