SSI Please help!

I included this line of code:

</!–#include virtual=“english.shtml” -->

(without the /)

into my page.

The contents of english_menu.shtml are:

please insert this text

However… this text does not appear when I try using the page… any suggestions??

nevermind… i figured it out…

i changed the original file with the

</!–#include virtual=“english.shtml” -->

(again, without the /)

line from test.html to test.shtml

but i’m still a bit confused… i mean… i thought the original file was a .html file, and the file being called was supposed to be a .shtml file

if anyone still has any two cents, i’d love to hear them…

You’ve figured out that the .shtml file is the file that is processed right? So you can include non-.shtml files but the main file has to be processed on the server.

.html means “Send this just as it is”
.shtml means “Please process this file and send the results”

.html is quick and light
.shtml means that it’s processed - possibly a lot. which slows things down. Only use it when you have to.

Hope this helps!


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