SSI not working


I’m having trouble getting Server Side Includes to work.

I keep getting the error following error which isn’t to helpful:
[an error occurred while processing this directive]

I’ve tried a variety of SSI based on examples in the Knowledge Base.

IE: (with out the \s)
<!–#virtual include="/potm/" -->
<!–#include virtual="/potm/" -->
<!–#include file="/potm/" -->

Any suggestions?

That’s the correct markup to use (minus the slashes).
Using virtual includes for SSI means the target is going to be processed by Apache. So if your target is a script or other program, its output must start with an HTTP header section.
Also, you should be able to browse to the SSI script - have you tried browsing to http://yourdomain/potm/ If you get an error then the problem is with the script, not your markup. Maybe you need to chmod it to 755. One thing to keep in mind is that a script called through SSI will have a different environment than when requested by a browser and that may generate a different set of errors from the script.