Ssi across subdomains

hi everyone, this is my first time posting.

i have a site at and i’m trying to include a file from another site at the problem is, is in a directory in my root directory, while is in a folder in my public_html directory. does anyone smarter than me know how i could include /public_html/soup/file.html from /15/index.shtml?


Using the Web Panel, go to Domains -> Re-map Sub-Dir:

First step is “URL to remap”. This needs to be

Next step is “New path on [machine]” and for here it should be
/home/username/public_html/soup (no slash on the end!)

Then when you submit that page, in about an hour browsing to will actually be serving from the same place as, so if you do

< --#include virtual="/soup/file.html" -- >in /15/index.shtml, it will come from /public_html/soup/file.html

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

thanks, it worked perfectly!