Hi, i am trying to ssh into my site, I am new to using putty but I followed a tutorial on the wiki. I can connect but I cannot get a command line. As soon as putty connects it closes. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Check the setting under connection|data and make sure it does not say root. Check that under SSH, version 2 of the SSH protocol is selected.
If you have a static IP and have failed to connect a few times your IP will get blacklisted and you will have to get support to unblock it.
If you have a dynamic IP then somebody may have been blacklisted using the IP. Although that would be quite a coincidence!


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You can change "Close window on exit: " in Putty to “never” and see if it gives you a specific error.

I know it will print “Access Denied” if you get the password wrong. I’m not sure, but that might be the same error you’d get if the user doesn’t have shell access enabled.

The wiki says you’ll get a " Server unexpectedly closed network connection" if your IP has been blocked for too many failed logins, which support can fix.

Did you just enable shell access for the user you’re trying to connect with? If so, maybe the change didn’t take effect yet.

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