how do I get ssh access for my account?

I am not asking how to get ssh for a particular user, I already know how to do that. I want to get this for the main account.

I hope this makes sense!

Not exactly sure what you’re asking, I’ll try and cover the bases, if I’ve missed the mark, try again…

you can log into ssh with any user that has ssh allowed - not just FTP access as is default, you have to tick ssh for that user.

The address you connect to is just the If you want to be able to access website files, you’ll need to log into ssh with the user name associated with the domain in question. (Panel > Domains > Manage domain > edit will show you the appropiate user)

With the system here at dreamhost you don’t get any ‘supper user’ that necessarly has access to all domains - you just have to use the appropiate user.

Also, check out the K-base for Telnet / ssh info.
Hope this helps.


Ok let me re-explain…

I have a whole bunch of users accounts created under: Users --> Manage Users

but none of those are linked to the main accout, which is the account I use to login to

Ok a little better explantion (hopefully)…

I have a few group accounts created to keep them seperated from each other, but I want to be able to login as a so called “root” user on my own account and be able to edit/access all files created under my own account without having to know the password to each user account that I have given out.

I don’t think what you are asking is possible given Linux’s limitations and security policies. Only root can su to other users without needed a password.

Right, you can’t do it. Only root or other supper users have that ability - and as you’re in a shared enviroment, you don’t get that kind of access to your server.

You can just keep track of their passwords (very annoying, I know) of you might look into a cms that has some kind of a tiered user setup.


This is possible (in a restricted way) if your users are in the same group (access is dependent on the group rights). You can setup groups on the panel, but all your users are in the same group by default.