I’ve been using PINE and SSH the last couple of years while in college. I retrieved my email folders from the older server using FTP and am having difficulty viewing them in my new shell account. I moved the mail folder from the old SSH account to the Maildir folder in my new account, but the old folders don’t seem to want to be viewed like they used to. (they are not viewable in a numbered fashion… the closest I’ve got is to have all 400 of my saved emails ‘saved’ and ‘viewed’ as one single LONG email.) What am I not doing?

The files are probably in mbox format. You need to add a second “folder collection” – put the mboxes in ~/mail/ or ~/Mail/, and go to (m)ain, (s)etup, collection(L)ists (m,s,l), type ‘a’ for “add collection” Leave “view” and “Server” blank; set nickname to the name you want to show up in the collection list, and set path to the directory you put your mboxes in (mail/ for example).

You could also just convert them to Maildir, but this would probably be a bit of a pain.

That was exactly what I needed. All my old mail is up (and in a list format!) and vieweable. Thanks a bunch!!