Ssh to instance

I am new to DreamHost. I launched an instance, with a keypair and a security group with ssh. Now I am trying to ssh to the instance and I am getting “Permission denied (publickey).” error.
I lunched the instance from ubuntu 14.04 image. I am trying use the username dhc-user. Is that not right? what would the username be? How do I ssh to this instance?

You’re probably not using the correct key or something else is off… what ssh client are you using? how did you setup the key on your local computer? are you sure you have put the correct public key on DreamHost cloud (and you have the correct private key on your local computer)?

I created the key pair from the DreamHost Access and security panel. And downloaded the pem key and used that to ssh.

Ok I got it to work now. This time I created one and imported it.