Ssh sessions to instances

are not consistent performers (my connection to net is more than capable so i rule that out). sometimes it’s OK, sometimes commands at shell prompt or editor just hangs for long time.
cannot get console either as that hangs as well. i mean to access these instances and so something on it, an interactive session should work. my instances are subsonic, but there’s hardly any load on them.
pls address this issue promptly else it makes the whole thing unusable.

We are currently in a maintenance window and are upgrading the Ceph backend of DreamCompute. It is possible that disk i/o pauses can happen during this time and explains the behavior you are seeing. We will update the status post with additional info as it becomes available, and will do our best to keep service available.

ok thanks. i looked in this forrum for any announcement before i posted… sorry for noise

writing this after your “Update June 23, 2015 1:00pm PDT”.
getting ‘no route to host’ from my instance with public IP to local instances.
even the public IP instance is super sluggish with ssh.

The maintenance should now be at a state where things are stable and back to normal. If you are still seeing issues please contact support with details about your account and we can get you fixed up.