SSH session terminated unexpectedly

For the last week or so I’ve observed some strange behavior when I’m logged on to my server (snapple) via SSH: at random times, but at least once every 24h, my session gets killed, and I get the message “Exit the Dungeon… now you die” or words to that effect. It looks almost like someone has hacked the server; this occurs even when I’m not logged on, because I can’t reconnect to my previous screen session after about one day. I checked all my settings, utilities, etc to make sure that it’s not something I’m doing that’s causing this, but I couldn’t find an explanation.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Please let me know


I’m not using SSL. But DH server was down for some time last week. It could be due to server maintenance.

If you still have the problem, I’ll suggest you to forward the message to DH support as soon as possible.

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Ardco, thanks for your reply; the message is not a popup, it does appear in the terminal. It’s not a local problem, since I don’t get the message when I’m not logged on via SSH, however, when I reconnect, my screen session is dead. It also happens when I’m logged on, but when I’m logged on, I do get the ‘dungeon’ message, and then the session is killed immediately. I’m dropped into a ‘blank’ shell, basically a shell that doesn’t accept any commands.

Nathan, I’m having trouble when I’m logged on via SSH, it doesn’t have anything to do with SSL. I know that the Dreamhost server go down sometimes for maintenance, but this problem doesn’t seem to be maintenance related; the uptime for snapple is 8+ days. It’s possible that the SSH server process itself is restarted on a regular basis, but that doesn’t explain the mysterious message that I get, and I can’t think of a good reason to restart the SSH server regularly, unless maybe some other user is doing something that’s causing a problem.

I will definetely e-mail support if no one else on the forum knows what this could be, but I have another request with them open right now that is more pressing (see my post “Wordpress…”), so once that’s resolved, I’ll have them look at it.

Again, anyone who may have an idea what this could mean, please let me know, I don’t want to open a support ticket unless I absolutely have to.


One of two things spring to mind.

First, you are just being automatically booted off the server. Ideally a shared server does not want people logged in via SSH on a continuous basis. You should just be SSHing in to achieve a task and then logging out.

Secondly, the server is being rebooted on a regular basis and the shutdown message that is sent to users has been changed from the usual “Log off now” message to a more typical DreamHost Happy Server Bot type message. :slight_smile:


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My server shows users logged in since 1/24… (it’s the 28th)


Wholly, thanks for checking that out; I didn’t get the ‘dungeon’ message this time, but I was dropped into a “dead” shell after some period of inactivity. This is the output to the console:

freerick@snapple:~$ freerick@snapple:~$ [05:01:15 snapple freerick]$ who -bash: who: command not found [12:32:33 snapple freerick]$ at the location where the time is first displayed my shell gets killed if I leave it sitting there, however, this happens when I’m logged on AND actively using the shell.

Norm, it’s not the server rebooting, I checked this out already with the ‘uptime’ command. This started to happen recently, so unless Dreamhost has changed their policy on how long you ought to be logged on, this shouldn’t be related to admin-defined timeouts. In addition, I’m the only one who gets kicked, everyone else remains logged on.

Thanks for your responses everyone. I still haven’t found a solution, so any additional input is appreciated. (it’s not something obvious like normal maintenance).