SSh Question

I am totally new to using this application, so I may have a dumb question. I need to restore a backup. I have saved the old database as an 80 meg sql file. I have have sucessfully logged into putty, and am now ready to execute the query. However, I do not know how to navigate to the actual sql file. Should I upload it to the server via ftp, or is there a way to execute the file via putty. I could not find this info in the KB.

Thanks for any help!

Putty is an SSH client that you log in to your dreamhost shell account with. It’s not clear where you want your file and where it is now. If you need it uploaded to the server, then I suggest you use ftp or some ftp program that can handle interruptions (bullet ftp, flash fxp, etc.).

Once it’s where you want it - I assume on the server - you should be able to log in again with putty and navigate using cd (change directory), pwd (print working directory), to get where you want to be. As for restoring I am not sure I can help you.

Hope that helps.

Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.

Thanks for the quick response!
I have uploaded the sql file to the root directory on the server. I am having problems navigating to that file using ssh.
You mentioned using the cd command, exactly how do I enter that command?

I figured it out!
thanks for the assist!