SSH Ports

I am a Dreamhost subscriber. I need to have ssh access from my workplace. Unfortunately port 22 is blocked in the corporate firewall. There is no way I can change this. My workstation is an OS X machine, on which I do not have administration rights. How would I go about connecting to Dreamhost via ssh?


Disregard this post :slight_smile:

I had suggested a web based SSH client. However, after thinking about it, this will not solve your problem of port 22 being blocked. Sorry.


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Well who knows if work for you… but to my understandig a ssh weblcient may work for you… mindterm let you do something like that it had helped me on port blocks and other things (airport machines that only allows browser, java is nedeed)…

Give it a try… only had to download some jar to your account, make a little web page and try from work… If it doesn’t work nothing is lost… you can evaluate appgate or use mindterm (depend of intended use, please read licences.txt)