Ssh moving joomla


im going to assume im in the right forum. good morning/evning/afternoon/night every one. i semi familure with ssh but im at a pure loss if id be doing this right. basicly i installd joomla on a sub domain as i wasnt sure what i was doing would take off. but it did, so now i baught a new domain both on dreamhost. id like to move joomla to the new domain but i reallly dont want to use ftp as the download and then upload would take roughtly 2 hours when i THINK i could just do a simple copy command in ssh? i.e.


is that syntaxt correct? im not sure i can do this as the sub domain is on livingston and the new domain is on bawls. idea’s? tips?


As long as it’s the same user that has rights to both locations you shouldn’t have a problem cp’ing the files and directory structure.

The syntax I use in PuTTy for copying entire structures is:

cp -r*

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Or use :


it is for moving the entire file/sub folder.


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Once you get the files moved, don’t forget to edit your Joomla! configuration settings to reflect your new domain, or the site will break. :wink:



Use cp -r rather than mv as it will preserve your data should something go wrong during the procedure. You can delete the ‘old’ site later once you’re sure everything is up and running as expected at the new location and will result in less downtime (hopefully none at all).

If you run into config problems, drop back and ask rl (he’s the J! Guru here)

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thank you all, the copy was successfull but im in the configuration file and im a tad lost. i know the lines to edit are similare to…


i assume i change these too


if not, how do i find the new “path” ?


i figured it out, how bout that? thanks for yalls help it went way smoother and faster then i thought it would! :slight_smile:


i take that back, no articles are accessible. i get errors such as

The requested URL /the-news/52 was not found on this server.



ok, all is well, i deleted the “new” site, and had to restore the old site from a backup. i have no clue what went wrong. but ill try again later, only more carefully. VERY carefully.


I’m a complete newbie at this - I basically know only html and some css…I’ve got my directories set up for my web sites at DH along with a WordPress directory, but I want to install Joomla as well to see if i can figure it out… Could you please let me know if this is doable? I’m guessing - after reading posts here - that I need to create a joomla data base and a sql thingme too…? I don’t understand the subdomain or subdirectory concept … yet. thanks for any help.




Since your questions are more about installation issues with multiple applications rather than “moving” Joomla! via the shell, I’ve created a new thread for your questions, and responded to you there.

If it turns out that you need to move your “WordPress” to facilitate installing Joomla!, I think that would also be more appropriately addressed in a thread of its own - this just makes it easier for those searching the forum to find threads that are the most relevant to there issue. Thanks for understanding! :wink:

Original questions repeated, and response, can be found in new thread: