Ssh keys

I’ve been using PuTTY to have a ssh session with my server, and everything works fine … but my fingers are tired of typing my password.
Is it possible to SSH/SCP without a password on a shared DH server?
I tried a few ways … none of which are working with PuTTY.

Absolutely! :slight_smile:

The DremHost Wiki article on SSH has this covered nicely, and it works fine with PuTTY.


I read that but got confused somehow.
I think because the .ssh dir did not exist already … will try again.
Thanks for the quick help/reply.
So far I am very glad I switched from HostGator to DreamHost … just for the RoR on fastcgi alone.

Yes it is.

Basically, you:

  1. Generate a public/private key pair with puttygen.
  2. Put the private key on your local machine.
  3. Put the public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 if you generated a DSA key or authorized_keys if you’ve generated an RSA key.
  4. Configure putty, remembering to add an auto-login username, the private key location, and to save the session info. I seem to recall that at one time, you needed to save the session as the hostname if you want tortoiseSVN to work properly.

The detailed instructions are on the wiki.

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Oops. Sorry for the dupe. I got involved in thinking about whether to recommend an RSA key or a DSA key. :slight_smile:

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It still asks me for my password (at least I don’t have to type the username anymore).
I had to mkdir .ssh
Also, I should use and not my domain name, right?

I’ve tried both DSA and RSA … neither works for me.

I see the following in putty’s log:
Event Log: Reading private key file "C:*****\key.ppk"
Event Log: Pageant is running. Requesting keys.
Event Log: Pageant has 1 SSH-2 keys
Event Log: Pageant key #0 matches configured key file
Event Log: Trying Pageant key #0
Event Log: Server refused public key

thanks all … i took a break, came back, and it works now.
bizarre, but i’ll take it
peace and prosperity to all


Never know that practice. Thanks Lensman as I also benefited from your reply. :slight_smile:

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