SSH issues

Am I the only one that HATES SSH and think it something that is stuck in the 1990’s? Come on, what is with this all this SSH stuff, don’t they know the GUI was invented. DH tells me that their daemon have is killing some of my services because of overusage, but they will not tell me what services or which site, I have to figure that out myself. Come on, the answer is sitting right in front of you, screen grab it and send it to me.

They did give me a few links about using some ancient process called SSH to figure it out on my own and then take action. After an hour of trying to get Putty to connect and do something, I give up. Every time I make the connection, put in my password, Putty just goes away.

Here’s a novel thought, make finding out what services are using up to much system resources a part of the Web Dreamhost panel. Or maybe, have your daemon send me an e-mail to let me know.

Keep in mind DH, I have plenty of other choices on who can host my sites. So if you want to complain about my system resources, be a little more helpful in getting it fixed!

Yeah, fair call.

Make sure the user you’re logging in with is a Shell User rather than FTP or other (check Panel).

If you manage to log in to SSH eventually, try running the top command to view the running processes of the logged in user.

I’d suggest moving each domain onto it’s own user (if you haven’t done so already) in effort to help you zero in on the app that requires more grunt or fixing or moving or whatever.

I prefer SSH. But I have had problems with PuTTY configuration and connection in the past. Much easier from command line. Not sure what to install for a good CLI SSH to windows. Cygwin is a good shell but you’d have to work out how to install SSH after cygwin.

try a different one:
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