SSH instructions?


Could someone post some step-by-step instructions for using SSH? I just downloaded MacSSH and the window closes after a few seconds. Per the (minimalistic) instructions that come with that freeware, I am connecting to “” and using my FTP/mail username and password. The window stays open for a few seconds, then closes and if I open the log window, I see the following:

lsh: Protocol error: Unexpected EOF
Can’t find a window for the port # in WindByPort
Can’t find a window for the port # in WindByPort

I already changed my settings to allow SSH. What am I doing wrong?


  1. Did you enable shell logins for your user? The default is FTP only.

  2. What version of MacOS are you using? If you’re using OS X, you don’t need to download a client - just open a terminal window and type:


MacSSH is working today. It seems I needed to be a little more patient, that’s all.

Thanks for your help,