Ssh help



I’m new to SSH. I’m trying to log in using Terminal on a Mac and I seem to be able to log in fine - I get a welcome message - but anything I type after that (e.g. ls) gives me a message saying the connection is closed.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



Is your User set to allow for SSH/Shell access? This is in the DreamHost panel for Manage Users, and then click Edit for that username.

Next step would be to run SSH in verbose mode:
ssh -v
And then read through the spew.

FYI, I SSH to DreamHost on the Mac frequently, so it works for me.


I had it set to SFTP but I switched it to just SSH and now it works.
Now to figure out how to use it. I only know one or two commands. Lol.
Baby steps!

Thanks again.


I need help with this too. I am new to SSH. I have read DH’s documentation on SSH, but still cannot connect to my database. I can login to just fine, but then when I execute this statement:

mysql -u myusername -p -h mydbname Enter password: then i enter my password here

i get this:

ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘myusername’@‘’ (using password: YES)

my user is set up for shell and i’ve tried all the other variations to the connection statement via


Are you using your MySQL username and password? These are not the same as your shell username and password; you can look them up in the MySQL section of the Panel.


i dont know what was going on…i contacted dreamhost support and they said that they thought it was actually something on their end that was messing it up. it’s all working now thankfully! thanks anyway!