SSH Hangs on Login

When I try to login to my ssh instance, I put in my password and then it just hangs indefinitely. If I look at verbose output, it accepts my password , and then the last message is:

debug1: Entering interactive session

And then nothing happens. If I hit Ctrl-C, nothing happens, the only way to get the terminal back is to kill -SIGKILL the process. I also have a computer running OSX, and I can connect just fine. I am using ArchLinux locally.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

When you say that you can ‘connect’ just fine, you mean via FTP and/or HTTP, right? Is SSH login activated for that user? (though it shouldn;t matter…)

Thanks for responding, and sorry for taking so long to get back (you know, christmas season). Sorry, everything I mentioned is in reference to SSH. I had not tried FTP or HTTP. I did some poking around and I realized that if I plugged my machine into the router everything worked fine. Before that I had been USB tethering (android). I’m not sure exactly what it’s doing, but it appears that tethering with my phone presents some obstacle.

Wow, that’s a pretty unusual way for that to break. I’d almost wonder if there’s some specific issue with the tethering app you’re using (or with the mobile carrier?) that’s causing this behavior.

Can you ssh into other places while tethered? I’m wondering if that port is blocked.

try telnet YOURDOMAIN 22 to see whether the port is blocked.