Ssh hangs after login

hi all

when i ssh into my account i type in my terminal window :

> ssh username@my.web.address 

i enter my password and then it goes through the adding of the RSA key fingerprint step. everything ok at this point.

then i get the welcome to message followed by:

Any malicious and/or unauthorized activity is strictly forbidden.
All activity may be logged by DreamHost Web Hosting.

Last login: xx x x x … etc…

at this point, instead of landing in my home directory it just hangs and i cant type any commands. if i e.g. hit return a few times, it logs out with a message Connection to mywebdomain closed.

any thoughts?

thanks in advance!


I had this problem when my user settings where not set to full shell access. Be sure to check in the Users area in the Dreamhost Control panel, under user settings, and make sure access level is set to shell.

In my case, this seems to happen when the user is set to SFTP, when it is set to SSH only, it doesn’t hang. I tried both with password and ssh key, same thing happens.

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There is no “SSH only” option, but there is an “SFTP only” option. Here is how they are labeled.
o SFTP user - allows login via SFTP (SSH file transfer) for file transfers only.
o Shell user - allows login via SSH (secure shell) for command-line access, as well as SFTP.

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ah, you’re right. that settles it :wink: I was being dumb.
(not the first time I can’t properly read a text :confused:)