SSH Commands and dreamhost file structure

Is there somewhere where I can get a list of commands I can use in the Putty SSH client and the file structure so I can start uploading files on to my client?

well… it’s linux.
Search linux command on google.

But if you want to manage files, use a software like winscp, it’s a lot easier.

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The following two links might be useful.

The file/directory structure is fairly simple. You have your home directory and within this will be separate web accessable sub-directory for each of your domains (or sub-domains), by default these sub-directories are named the same as your domain (eg:

Normally, you would use an FTP client to upload your files to DreamHost, not an SSH client. DreamHost provides a web-based FTP client for those that do not have access to a ‘real’ FTP client.


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Dude -

SSH isn’t just the “Window” to your server. It talks with your server and lets you see what you are doing on your server. When you log in through Putty/ssh or other ssh (protocol, like ftp or http) client you are dropped in something called your “shell” - it’s like CMD but it’s for a machine running linux. Usually this is a program called “bash”.

Type “man” for a little help.

Type “man” and then a command name for help with that command.

Type “man -k keyword” for an idea of the commands that you can put after man for more details.

Beyond that - Google like the wind.

Have fun and remember that if you do anything really HEAVY you might be affecting the other users on your server.

Good luck!


these are some cool commands but what is the command to send or upload a file from my C:\My Documents folder to the / folder on my host or upload mulitple files? Also, what is the command to download files from the host folder?

I would suggest using an FTP client to do this, unless you have some reason why you must do it via SSH.


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